Utility is a branding agency dedicated to the development and growth of start-ups, small and mid-size businesses. For those of you in this category, hard work is no stranger. In fact, it’s probably considered an immediate family member. At Utility, we’re no different. Every day our business is fueled with optimism, fear and thrill. We labor over business decisions late into the night. And, unlike many other agencies, every minute, every dollar we put toward your business is efficiently and thoughtfully invested. In the end, giving you the highest quality outcomes, while saving you money. Ultimately, we call ourselves Utility, because our knowledge, experience and passion can be so useful to a business like yours. Our expertise is focused on businesses that are often overlooked by big agencies. Agencies that won’t even consider engaging your business without some huge retainer. So we fill the gap between small business needs and big agency work. We provide branding solutions for those who need it most, but don’t have the luxury of big budgets. We work with adventures and risk-takers – those who defy the conventional methods of business. Those who get excited at the thought of a road less traveled–or for that matter, never traveled. Think about it. History is not defined by those who have followed the status quo, but rather those who have challenged it. From our perspective, small is big, because that’s where the greatest potential for growth lies. Everyday you’re in business you defy the odds, you defy convention. We not only applaud you, we want to help you break through, stand out and become even more successful.


Dovya Friedman | Day Shift Manager With 20 years experience in branding and marketing communications, Dovya brings strategic branding integration to growth companies. Her history includes multidisciplinary work in publishing, public relations, advertising, social media, online presence development and business development. She is a graduate of New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. Her work has been recognized by both the PRSA and AdFed.
Tony Thielen | Night Shift Manager Tony cultivates and drives brands, distilling their true meaning and bringing them to life. Throughout his career as an award-winning art director and creative director, he’s worked on a wide variety of accounts in just about every industry there is. This exposure to so many types of products and services has made him incredibly versatile and gives him a unique perspective on business.