visual metaphor of the brand process

If you’re reading this section you’re most likely a small business just starting out, or you’re a mid-size business rethinking your current brand. Either way, your decision to invest in your brand is a smart one. Investing in your brand now, will save you money later. The good news is, investing now, doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

The simple truth is your brand is not a logo, a website or a marketing plan. Your brand is your company’s story, its purpose, and it’s promise. It’s your organization’s reputation, personality and reason for being, as experienced through your audience.

At Utility, we take a multi-tool approach. Meaning we work with you to create a custom plan – one that fits the size of your business and your budget. We divide the process into three distinct phases:  Discover, Develop and Deploy. You can learn more about these phases below. There is a foundation that needs to be in place, but overall any of these phases can be adjusted to fit your needs.


All businesses have a story to tell. It’s our job to help you uncover that story and/or revitalize it. Discovery is about getting back to the basics – the nuts and bolts of why your business exists and why anyone should care. We work with you to identify all those special qualities that make your business unique. At the end of the discovery process you will be able to clearly articulate who you are, why you exist, and why anyone should care. You’ll walk away with a purpose statement, audience personas, positioning statement, mission statement, brand personality, brand tone and voice, messaging, and elevator pitch.


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At this point, you should know your brand. We defined it’s core purpose and its personality. Here we begin to dress it up. This is the process where we identify the visual side of your brand. Think of it like the clothing people choose to represent their personalities. This is the stage most often confused as “the brand.” When in reality, It’s the visual appearance of the brand, not the brand itself. Without having defined your brand in the previous discovery process we’d have no clue what to wear for our visuals. Here we develop your visual identity. Then we combine that with your brand purpose and personality to create your brand book – the bible of your business’s brand.

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What good is your brand if it’s not out in the market? At this point your brand is laser light focused, so here’s where we put it to use. We create strategies to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. There is no canned solution. The strategy is based on your business objectives, your unique brand and the audience we identified. This is where those hard earned dollars you’ve invested in your brand start to payoff. No more wasted money on random acts of marketing.

With the strategy laid out, we can now pull the lever and get the execution started. Areas where can execute include social media, websites, WordPress, advertising campaigns (both on and offline), graphic design, direct mail, etc.

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